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Maui Jim Sandy Beach Unisex Sunglasses

Life’s A Beach With Sandy Beach Glasses

I like being active (especially outside), but during certain times of the year I have to do most of my workouts inside because the sun is so bright. Incidentally, this is because I suffer with migraines so it’s imperative I have proper protection for my eyes. I’ve always had trouble finding sunglasses because they fall off or get annoying to wear, so I take them off and end up with a headache. Not a good plan!

Maui Jim Sandy Beach

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Withstand Activity On The Beach

The Maui Jim Unisex Sandy Beach sunglasses can put up with intense outdoor activity. The lenses are actually developed so they can live through the back and forth, and they’re scratch resistant so they will last through years of activity.

Simple Yet Active On The Beach

Sandy Beach sunglasses are very simple in design, so don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles. The glasses are mostly frameless, and the frame attaches at the top and the arms. There isn’t a lot of bulky plastic, so they’re lightweight which is perfect if you’re running around after that Frisbee! They’re not huge sunglasses either, so the 55 mm frames are “good to go” for lots of men and women.

Because they’re meant to be used for activity, the nose pads are very comfortable. They protect your nose from uncomfortable bumps and scratches, and are reinforced with extra padding.

Pretty Colors On The Beach

They come in three different colors including glossy black lenses and grey frames, tortoise frames with Maui rose lenses and tortoise frames with bronze lenses.

Polarized On The Beach

Sandy Beach glasses are actually great for exercise because they have a special PolarizedPlus 2 technology which blocks most of the glare, so you can see when you’re doing during your exercise or activity despite the sun. Oh, and if you need prescription lenses these sunglasses can accommodate you no problem!

Shady Benefits On The Beach

At a cost of just over $150 you may be forgiven for thinking you’re not getting a lot for your money, especially if you’re not a fan of plastic. However, I think you have to remember the type of polarized technology used, and the fact the lenses also have a CLEARSHELL scratch-resistant coating means the price will go up.

I don’t have a problem with plastic construction considering it’s a much safer bet when you’re playing volleyball or generally running about on the beach. It also means they’re way more comfortable than some other brands.

Curved On The Beach

One issue to keep an eye out for (pun intended), is there are some people who don’t like the curve of these glasses because it can make the world appear “fuzzy”. That being said, this type of design is there for a reason – to keep the sun out. Of course, it is personal preference which is why I’ve made sure not to miss this point.

Sports On The Beach, But Not For Regular Days

Overall, I would definitely consider these as an option when I’m going to spend the afternoon on the tennis or basketball court. Do bear in mind however, that due to the design you might not want these for every-day use. Again, I go back to personal preference.

If you want to get out in the world with the right amount of coverage for your eyes and still be comfortable while you’re breaking a sweat, jog on over here and make them yours.

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