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Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses Review

Break Out Of Your Frames and Get Edgy!

On some sunglasses, frames just aren’t necessary. In fact, sometimes they’re just obtrusive. I once had a pair of glasses that looked like an awesome fashion statement when I bought them, but I quickly realized my entire peripheral vision was blocked by the frame. That was no fun, and I was ready to throw them against a wall pretty quickly!

MauiJim Breakwall

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No Frames. No Problems

The Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses do a good job of solving that problem by cutting out the frames all together. They are literally just lenses held together with a small bridge and use nose pads to keep them comfortable. Then, they have arms that connect to the sides without using up a whole lot of surface space.

Polarized Precision

The polarized lenses do a really good job of keeping your vision clear despite the glare that can hit you on a bright day. They’re great for driving because they really keep the sun out of your eyes, and they can be used for things that require precision because they keep your vision clear.

One Size: Large

While these glasses offer beautiful simplicity they also come in a fairly large size, and the single available size means they are large on smaller faces. Women in general might not be able to wear these, but most men should be fine.

Simple Colors For Frameless Protection

Breakwalls come in three colors: metallic gloss black frames with neutral grey lenses, root beer frames and bronze lenses, and smoke grey lenses. None of the options manage to be particularly flashy, but there is a beauty in the simplicity of them.

Breakwall Designs

No Frame Makes Them Easier To Crack

Unfortunately, the attachment between the lens and the frame can be somewhat precarious, and that means they can break easier than sunglasses that have frames. The place where the small frame meets the lens at the temple can be an easy spot to snap them if you’re not careful. So, the message here is make use of the included case or you could end up with two halves of a pair of glasses!

Staying On The Edge of Making a Decision

At just under $150, I think these are a pretty good buy even though they are a little delicate. Sure, they will withstand being dropped on the odd occasion but if you sit on them, expect the worst! Personally, if you’re interested in looking stylish when wearing sunglasses and you’re capable of making sure they’re protected all the time, these are worth considering.

If you think that frameless is your future, pop on over to Amazon and make these puppies your own.

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