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Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses

Half Jacket Covers Half The Face For Half The People

A friend of mine has a motorcycle and since he got it, I have learned that glasses for riding are different than the glasses he would wear for walking around or driving. Riding glasses have to be able to stay on your head because you’re constantly moving and bouncing around.

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

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Smaller and Closer For Movement

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses look more like riding or athletic glasses than just sunglasses. I can see how the sculpted arms would stay better when you’re experiencing the vibrations of the bike or while boating. Also, they’re more likely to fit beneath a helmet.

Bounce Around and They’ll Stay Put

Runners are actually able to wear these while they hit the trails or pavement, and there few other activities that requires more back and forth than running. If they can stay on a head through that, they can probably make it through anything!

All The Colors For Half The Jacket

The glasses come in three colors: white frames and polished black or silver frames. They also follow the Oakley tradition of having replaceable lenses if you wanted to switch them out for polarized options or a different color. Also, the lenses the glasses come with can be made into prescription options.

Half Or More Of The World Who Can’t Wear Them

While these sunglasses are great for activity, they aren’t good if you have a wider face. They will be too small and sit strangely on your nose. They can also press too hard on the sides of large heads, making them uncomfortable. Overall, it’s probably best to consider these as an option if you have a small or narrow face for males or an average-sized female face.

Half Jacket Should Work With Whole Helmet

I am seriously going to consider these for my friend because it would be much more convenient for him than switching out the shade on his helmet every time it gets sunny out. He could avoid having to ride with a backpack on to keep his extra shield protected. At about $120, I think they’re worth the convenience.

If you need glasses that won’t fall off your face during activity and can work with a motorcycle helmet, ride on over here and have them meet you at your front door.

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