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Ray-Ban 4075 Men's Sunglasses

Keep It Simple Sweetheart

I feel like I have thoroughly exhausted all the quirky options for sunglasses the world has to offer. I’m sure there are more out there, but I don’t need to see them. I get it. Now, I’m ready to head more toward the world of sunglasses that won’t get me noticed.

Ray-Ban 4075

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Diversify From Current Trends

The Ray-Ban RB4075 Sunglasses are simple and classic. They aren’t huge and won’t cover my whole face, but they aren’t small and fragile either. They’re much closer to the Tina Fey glasses craze of the early 2000s than the huge, oversized glasses that look like something grandparents wear.

Polarized Simplicity

The RB4075 have polarized lenses on some options, so they offer substantial protection for the eyes. They also come in two styles: black frame with green lenses and Havana frame with brown lenses. Neither is flashy, but both are sizable at 61 mm. That doesn’t make them too big, but it doesn’t make them tiny either.

Curvy And Not So Simple To Hold

Although they are not too big to wear, they are a little bulky because of the curve on the front. The issue then becomes where to put them when you’re not wearing them. If you carry a big purse, you can toss them in there with the case, but other than that, they can be hard to hook on a shirt or pop in a pocket.

Priced Lower Than Trendy

The RB4075 comes in at just over $100, which isn’t a bad price for a classic style that you will able to wear for decades. If you purchase a pair that is polarized, in my opinion you really are getting quite a bit for your money.

Simple Breaks

Unfortunately, even though these get points for being classic, it looks like they don’t get points for durability. A few customers said the arms can snap off without much prodding, and in situations where a lot of strenuous activity isn’t taking place. The message with this little “fault” is to remember they need a gentle hand.

Simple Search

These sunglasses are a great option for simplicity and come in a style that will last you a long time in that respect. However, you do need a gentle hand if you want it to last a long time physically as well.

If the style is enough for you and you’re less clumsy than I am, you can get these awesome sunglasses by clicking here.

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