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Spy Optic Dirk Sunglasses Review

I Spy A Pair Of Sweet Sunglasses

My husband likes a little bit of extra coverage with his sunglasses, and he tries to find ones that wrap around his head without being so big they stick out on either side of his narrow face. He has spent hours upon hours shopping for sunglasses to replace a pair of Oakley’s that got lost when we were moving, and he doesn’t yet have a solution for them.

He also won’t wear glasses that don’t have polarized lenses. He has perfect vision naturally, but he drives a huge truck and rides a motorcycle, so he likes to know he has the added protection.

Spy Optic Dirk

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Spy Style

The Spy Optic Dirk Sunglasses are made to look like they should be worn during covert ops. They come in several different colors and combinations, and the frames are available in simple options like black as well as more intricate patterns like camouflage or a tortoiseshell like style.

Spy Precision

Spy Optic Dirk Design OptionsOne of the best things about these glasses is the lenses can be swapped out if you need an extra precision boost. I would need something along those lines because I’ve always needed prescription sunglasses, but I’ve never wanted to spend the money on them.

Spy Protection

Dirks have lenses designed to protect your eyes. The UV protective coating is really the point of having sunglasses, especially dark ones.

While we often wear sunglasses as a fashion statement, they’re actually there to protect your eyes. If you get them without UV protection, they’re just for show. Most glasses come with it now, but not always. With these, you’ll always get the protection your eyes need.


One thing I really like about these is that the hinges are hidden within the arms so there isn’t much chance of hair or skin getting caught in them. If you look at the sides of the glasses, all you see is a joint where the arm and main frame come together.

Strength and Structure

I think the reason these are called Spy Optic glasses is because they’re designed to withstand a beating up to and including explosions. I hope no one who wears these is ever in that kind of danger, but these babies are made from a material called Grilamid that can take just about everything you put it through.

However, if you’re a female looking for super girly or fun sunglasses, these won’t be for you. They’re much boxier and they’re not flashy or sassy. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them it just means they don’t have the soft femininity women might be looking for.

Bulky Discomfort

The toughness of these glasses sometimes gets in the way of comfort, and they taper in by the temples which can be uncomfortable for some people. I’m famous for having to take my sunglasses off regularly because of pressure on the sides of my head.

Unfortunately these have that problem, so they wouldn’t be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

The size of these glasses can also be an issue which is 64mm. That’s pretty large, probably too large for most women. Since they are not round enough to cover the whole face, they end up looking blocky and feel uncomfortable for a lot of women.

Spy Decision

At this point, I’m not looking for sunglasses that can withstand a nuclear blast but if I was, I would look for something like these. They have a couple of perks that make them really nice, like the hidden hinges and the durability of the frames, but the size would be too big for anyone who lives in my house.

If you need sunglasses that can deal with just about anything you put them through, up to and including explosions, get your stealthy self over to Amazon and pick up a pair for yourself.

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