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Spy Optic Helm Review

So Un-Cool They’re Cool Again

My dad had a pair of eyeglasses when I was a kid we called the “nerd glasses.” They were probably from the 60s and they had the thickest black frames I had ever seen. They were the kind of thing that almost looked like something that’s trendy now, but there was a look about them that was distinctly “not cool”!

Anyway, imagine my surprise when so many sunglasses hitting the department store shelves now seem to look just like his old glasses. They’re not even trying to be stylish by any standard that I’m aware of. I can’t explain it.

Spy Optics Helm

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Style and Options

The Spy Optic Helm Rectangle Sunglasses seem to match this style more or less exactly, except these look like they’re trying really hard to be trendy, super trendy! Forgive me because I just don’t see it. They’re available in several different colors and combinations from simple matte black with dark lenses to black and white with purple lenses to hot pink striped arms. There are 18 options available in this 57 mm product.

One thing I like most about the Helms is they actually come with extra temples in certain sets so you can change out the brighter and less demure arms for other ones of your choosing. That’s a pretty neat way to get two pairs of sunglasses out of one.

Helm Choices

At The Helm Of Cost

The price on the Helm isn’t bad. It’s not nearly as much as some of the competitors that look really similar. Some colors and combinations can be purchased for as little as $60, though some of the sets with replaceable arms may cost more.

The quality for the price is pretty fantastic all things considered. I like the idea of quirky sunglasses that are not exactly appropriate for all situations, but are inexpensive enough so you can have other pairs for professional or upscale events. I don’t think that these have entirely shoddy construction (given the price) in fact, they’re cheap enough to stave off heartbreak should get broken or damaged.

At The Helm Of Issues

The glasses seem to run small, so many adults who fork out the money for them may find that they don’t fit their faces. These are similar to other sunglasses from big makers, but they may not be as durable. There are problems with squeaking over time that doesn’t go away with use, and the lenses can become loose.

At The Helm Of Uncertainty

Though the Helms have a lot of good things going for them including the price, general durability and the flexibility of color, I’m not sold on the style just yet. For my own personal reasons, they remind me of a style I didn’t like (thanks Dad).

However, if you’re not as biased as I am and you’re looking for a good price, some added flexibility and the possibility of a whole lot of color, the Spy Optic Helm may be the one for you. You can make them yours by slinking over here and putting them in your cart.

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