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Carrera Speedway/S Navigator Sunglasses Review

Navigation System For Your Eyes

I know that aviators are the sunglasses pilots wear, but did you know there are glasses made to look like the protective gear race car drivers wear with their ad-emblazoned suits? Instead of aviators, they’re called navigators and they look almost like bulky aviators. Did I also mention I think they’re super cool?

Carrera Speedway-S

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Avia vs. Navi

Navigators are like aviators but with extra frame space for style. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think aviators are plenty stylish enough, but these have that added flair of being a little bit trendier.

Styles Come Together

The Carrera Speedway/S Navigator Sunglasses actually look like the lovechild of aviators and Wayfarers. They have the thick frame of Wayfarers with the splash of color you often see, but they have the seamless frame of aviators. These are big and not at all dainty glasses, so people who aren’t looking to make a statement probably won’t like them. That being said, they’re still pretty great.

Navigating Replacements

While these glasses look great, they don’t feel like they will last for years. They feel more like “for now” sunglasses which is fine if that’s all you’re looking for. I’m not sure these would be the sunglasses I would plan to keep for a long time, but if I’m spending money on something, I at least want to have the option of staying power. The materials are very plastic without much metal reinforcement so beware of this because they look like they should be metal.

Navigating the Bulk

They are very big so again, they’re not for the “dainty faced” or someone who is looking for something subdued. These glasses will be the centerpiece of the whole outfit while you’re wearing them. There is no way around it!

Navigator Color Options

Carrera Speedway OptionsThe color options are totally varied and provide combinations for just about anyone who wants to get into this style. Are you ready?

Here are the options: Choose from violet crystal white frames with violet blue lenses, black crystal with white and red, black-orange, black crystal orange with gray gradient lenses, black crystal with gray gradient lenses, black crystal with white and red and grey polarized lenses, white and brown with grey gradient lenses, black striated with ebony lenses, brown and white with brown gradient lenses, and brown crystal yellow with brown gray gradient lenses.

If you can’t find a color you like there, you don’t want these sunglasses!

Visual Options

I like that you can get the lenses polarized or non-polarized because I feel like that’s a thing that can make or break glasses for someone. My husband loves polarized, and I hate it. You can also make these prescription sunglasses, which is pretty cool.

Eye Protection

Unfortunately, The Carrera Speedway/S Navigators really seem to be more of a fashion statement than eye protection. They are amazing at making the statement, but they only partially fill their real purpose of protecting eyes. The lenses, in many cases are not very dark, and that allows a lot of light in. If you are looking for genuine protection, this trendy option may not be the right one for you.

Navigating My Choice

I am pretty enamored with the look of these, but I don’t know that they’re the right choice for me. I need eye protection or I get migraines from light when I’m outside. Without that one simple thing, I’m pretty much down for the count, and this is why I tend to go for darker sunglasses. I’ll keep these in mind if I want to achieve a certain look, but I wouldn’t consider wearing them in very bright light.

If you think the style is enough for you to put down your credit card, head on over here and make these yours.

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