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Flying Fisherman Maverick Review

Cast Your Line To Get Some Shade

My mom’s best friend is a fisherman, and I think I have seen him spend more money on sunglasses than any female I’ve ever met. He is always looking for something better that will last a long time on a hot day. He doesn’t have to worry too much about strenuous activity, but I guess glasses get uncomfortable when they’re being worn for long periods of time. I didn’t realize there was so much gear necessary. I thought fishing was just a rod, reel, bait and beer, but it turns out sunglasses are just as important (well, maybe not as important as beer)!

Flying Fisherman Maverick

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Worth A Shot

When I saw the Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses I immediately thought of him. Then I saw the price, and couldn’t believe anyone can get sunglasses that weren’t from a drug store for that. At under $20, these are cheap enough that it can’t hurt for him to try them.

Fishing For Options

The Flying Fisherman Maverick comes in three colors: amber, smoke and yellow amber. They are designed using polarized lenses to reduce the glare on the water and other problems that can come from the tension of looking in the same place for a long time (as fishermen do.)

A Lot Of Bait For The Price

These are not the highest quality glasses, but they can’t be perfect for $20. That doesn’t mean they don’t do the job, and it also doesn’t mean they are bulky or uncomfortable. In fact, these manage to be really comfortable and not obtrusive, which is a plus. The polarized lenses are surprisingly high quality considering how much these sunglasses cost. For fishermen, who spend a lot of time in bright sunlight this is a pretty big deal.

Can’t Break Your Line

As far as durability is concerned, the manufacturer isn’t joking when they say these things are shatterproof. They are made to withstand just about every difficult situation you can put them through. Better yet, if they protect your eyes and take some of the damage themselves, you can get a new pair at only $20. Not a bad deal!

Not A Bad Deal For Your Rod and Reel

The frames on the Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses are not the highest quality, but other than that they seem to fit all the requirements a fisherman (or some other person who spends time on the water) needs. I think these will definitely be a Christmas present from my mom to her friend. He needs something like this that will last, and these are inexpensive enough that we can buy him a couple just in case.

If the fish are biting, cast your line over here and pick up a pair today.

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