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Gucci 1627/S Aviator Sunglasses Review

Hit The Skies With Sunglasses In Supersize

Of all the aviators I’ve looked at on this very involved search for the perfect sunglasses, I have not seen many pairs that combine the classic aviator style with a plastic frame. When they do, they often turn out to be oversized and bulky. I would love to find glasses that can manage that. I am a big fan of substantial frames on glasses, but most aviators just don’t look right with more than a thin metal frame.

Gucci 1627/S Aviator Sunglasses

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Plastic To The Rescue

The Gucci 1627/S Aviator Sunglasses are the exception to that rule. They have small plastic frames that still look substantial without being bulky. They come in different colors for both the frames and the lenses, and still manage to tap into that classic Gucci style.

Great Frames May Be Too Big

These are truly oversized glasses, and they’re made to cover more of the face like old-school aviators did. That being said, the plastic frame does make them larger than traditional options so it can make them too big for small faces. Because of the shape of the lenses, I fear I really would get “bug face” if I wore these. They are incredible looking, but a small face like mine might not fare so well.

Narrowing Down The Population

Actually, the size on these seems to be pretty specific. People with large faces might not have much luck with them either. It seems like the lenses are big, so they look large on small faces, but the frames aren’t that wide from side-to-side. This means people with large faces may not do well with them. It appears to me there is a specific segment of people who can enjoy these.

Still Worth A Flying Shot

These really are beautiful glasses with so much style wrapped right in. Even though they are not perfect for small faces, I still want to give them a try. I like the style and the colors, and they fit my desire to try aviators with a thin plastic frame. They do a little bit of everything that I’m looking for.

If you’re with me on the substantial frame on the classic style, then scoot on over here and order them!

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