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GUCCI 3166/S Sunglasses Review

Get Your Glamour Right Here Friends!

Every time I think I’m ready to go with a style that is wild or wacky, a classic pair of sunglasses comes into my view and all of a sudden I’m torn again. I love styles that are different, but there is a reason the little black dress has been such a cultural mainstay for generations, and that’s the classic style that just about everyone looks good in.

GUCCI 3166/S

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Everything Classy In One Package

The Gucci Women’s GUCCI 3166/S Rectangular Sunglasses are classic down to the core. They have big frames with boxy lenses and the classic Gucci emblems on the sides. The emblems are backed up by the traditional Gucci colors behind the logo.

Flexibility With Class

What I really like about these sunglasses is they’re just about as classy or as modern as you want them to be (based on the colors you select). There are classic options like Havana or shiny black, as well as less traditional options like blue and opal or light brown that looks almost orange. You can keep that classic style and at the same-time get a little extra flair for your look.

Not Perfect But Still Divine

The hinges on the newer glasses are not quite as smooth as the price of the glasses could merit, but that isn’t enough to get me to write these off as cheap. At $170, I think everything about them should be perfect, but the style so good I’m willing to make exceptions elsewhere.

Your Face Can Handle All The Style

These sunglasses are large, but they’re not too large for most faces. They have big, beautiful frames that have made this style last for so many years yet somehow, the designer has made it possible for you to be big and bold even if you’re face is on the smaller side.

Bring Me All The Class Please!

Be still my heart and eyes, I love these glasses! They remind me of a life of glamour that was the aspiration and reality for celebrities so many years ago. I know I would feel like a star while wearing them. I was pretty set on something less classic, but now I see what simplicity can offer I’ve changed my mind entirely.

If you’re ready for a simple look that captures Old Hollywood oh-so well, then glam your way over here and pop some sass in your shopping cart.

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