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JiMarti JM01 Wrap Sunglasses Review

Baseball, Golf, Fishing: Do What You Like in These Sunglasses!

I can’t say I’m the most active person on the planet, but when I do get involved in outdoor activities it’s important to me that my eyes are properly protected from the glare of the sun. This isn’t just a health concern, it’s also the fact that I don’t want to be the one who drops the baseball as the opposite teams scores 3 home runs!

I’m thrifty, but I don’t mind spending money on things that are worth it and will last. I have been looking at mostly expensive sunglasses because I’ve been down the cheap route, and that hasn’t worked. However, I think I may have found a solution!

JiMarti JM01 Sunglasses

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The Perfect Solution To Expensive Sunglasses?

The JiMarti JM01 Sunglasses for Golf, Fishing, and Cycling-Unbreakable-TR90 Frame is the exception to the rule, and by that I mean they are actually made to withstand what you put them through without coming with a huge price-tag. They’re designed for sports and outdoor activities as well as a whole lot of other things that can keep you busy. Better yet? They ring in at just $30. Even if they weren’t unbreakable, they’d still be a steal!

Run Around in Comfort

One of the biggest problems I’ve come across when I do have to reach for my “activity” sunglasses is comfort. I’ve had pairs that slide off my nose as the sweat begins to pour, feel heavy and well, just don’t keep the sun where it should be – out of my eyes!

These on the other hand have been received very well on the market in this respect. The frames weigh a mere .6 ounces so you hardly know you’re wearing them. They’re also a wrap around style which helps when you’re (what seems like) looking in all directions at once.

Resilient Colors From Muted To Bright

JiMarti JM01 colorsThe JM01 come in 8 different colors, and they range from understated grays and blacks to boisterous and hard to miss cobalt blue and orange. They only come in one size, but the half frame makes them flexible enough for faces of all sizes.

Match Your Sunglasses to the Activity

As mentioned, these sunglasses come in no less than 8 colors. Given the price, it’s possible for most people to own more than one pair which I think is just great! Imagine this. If you’re baseball team play in red, you can match your glasses to that. If your favorite “plus-fours” are cobalt blue save your pair of JM01’s for the golf course.

Comfortable, Durable and Cheap with the Odd Hitch

These sunglasses are in my opinion an excellent inexpensive option if you’re constantly going through them because of the brands you’ve bought previously just aren’t up to the job. Do bear in mind however, some people have complained about scratches on the lenses. That being said, customer service is highly revered.

If you want to give them a shot because the price really is right, you can find them here.

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