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Marc by Marc Jacobs 098/S Metal Sunglasses Review

Average Or Wacky: Either Way, They’re Gorgeous!

Despite all the styles I have looked at, big sunglasses still have my heart. I used to think they were silly because they made people look like bugs, but now I have suffered from thousands of migraines in my life, I understand the importance of getting as much protection as possible. I also think most of them are totally adorable. BONUS!

So in my hunt for the best pair, I wanted to give the correct amount of credit to big sunglasses that protect my face but aren’t completely wacky. There have been a few pairs I have loved but wouldn’t be able to wear to professional gatherings because they look like they’re straight out of Whoville. This is what I found.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 098S

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Dress It Up With Metal

Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s MMJ 098/S Metal Sunglasses are a simple, large style with a classic flare and have a few modern options thrown in. Their big, round-cornered frames square off at the top and bottom, and they have metal accents at the side for a little bit of interest. They all come in 61mm, so they are definitely on the larger size.

Lightweight And Easy To Wear. PERKS!

The glasses are lightweight but not flimsy. They don’t necessarily feel too sturdy though, and they may not be able to stand up to a thorough beating. They do have the added benefit of being able to stay put more than most big sunglasses because they are not made of plastic. Oh, and they still have the nose pads that keep metal frames in place despite the large size.

Good For All Faces

People with small faces can still wear these and look great, but you’ll have to keep in mind they don’t curve much which can be a put off for some people. That being said, it is a matter of personal preference.

Color Options Change The Look Entirely

Though they are a more classic and understated style, these sunglasses can be dressed up and made a little crazy very easily. MMJ 098/S comes in 9 different colors and combinations including quieter white frames with dark lenses or black frames with dark violet lenses. If you’re so inclined, you can go with the brighter colors and catch some attention with fuchsia frames and burgundy lenses. All of them are gorgeous, and none of them are bizarre. You’ll just look fashion forward!

MMJ 098 color options

So Many Options For All The Sass

Overall, I think these sunglasses are a simple yet classic option that offers plenty of style. You can get them in an understated color or really dress them up with something fun. What I can tell you is this, I love them all! At around $60 for a pair, they won’t break the bank either!

If you want the diva look with a price that’s a little friendlier than most drama-licious styles, sashay on over here and make these yours.

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