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Maui Jim Stingray Sunglasses Review

Protect Your Eyes From The Sun, But Not From Stingrays!

Sometimes, the best look is the simplest. Sunglasses don’t have to be big and flashy to look good. I have a small, long face, so huge sunglasses can sometimes make me look like a bug. If I’m going to invest in an expensive pair of sunglasses, I don’t want it to be something that won’t be in style within a few months.

While my face is small, my husband’s face is narrow, so he can’t wear wide sunglasses either. Also, he will only wear polarized lenses because they’re more comfortable for his eyes. He had a pair that he loved for a long time, but they got scratched and now he can’t see out of them.

Maui Jim Stingray

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I was looking at the Maui Jim Stingray Glass Polarized Sunglasses for him because I think they are simple enough to be worn for a long time, but not so boring he won’t want to wear them. They’re also polarized, so he gets something he really needs.

Glass Lenses With The Best Polarization

In my opinion, the polarization on these lenses is the best I’ve come across so far. They sharpen things as you look through them, and they provide detail that might not even appear in natural light. I’m not sure how that works, but it sounds pretty incredible. The lenses are made of glass instead of polycarbonate, so I guess this could be one reason why precision is so apparent compared to less expensive options.

Made For Comfort

The frames on these sunglasses are sturdy. No cheap plastic frames to be found on these! You may think that because of this, the glasses are heavy but not so, in fact they’re light enough to wear all day without feeling like your head is in a vice!

Probably Better For Men

These 56 mm glasses are made specifically for men, (hence the size). They come in 3 different colors: gloss black frames with bronze lenses, gloss black frames with grey lenses and tortoise frames with bronze lenses. I’m most partial to the black frames with grey lenses however they’re all attractive yet understated.

Stingray Designs

Glass Is Great But Not Perfect

One thing to keep in mind with Stingrays and Maui Jim is glass lenses can break and may not stand up to the abuse polycarbonate lenses are able to manage. Should these fall off of your head, they’re more likely to shatter than the alternatives. They won’t break without provocation, but they aren’t glasses to throw into a bag.

You’ll Pay For The Glass

At just under $200, these are not cheap sunglasses. That being said, $200 for something that you’re going to wear for years isn’t such a big deal really. My husband wears his sunglasses more or less every day, so I think the investment might very well be worth it (if he looks after them)!

Simple, Glass, Polarized, Totally Possible.

I like how simple these are. Though I’m into fancy, I don’t think men really need trendy sunglasses. Understated is enough, especially for events that are casual. These glasses do an excellent job of being simple enough to wear regularly, and are high quality enough to last a long time.

If you think simple yet high quality sounds like the sunglasses you want, you can cruise on over to Amazon and bag a pair for yourself.

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