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Oakley GasCan Men's Sunglasses Review

No More Lugging Extras! GasCan Can Solve Your Issues

When someone references “Oakley” sunglasses, there’s a certain image that comes to mind. There is an iconic pair that fits the typical Oakley mold, and they are what I always think of when I’m shopping. I know there are plenty of other alternatives from the brand, but none of them will ever be quite as applicable as these.

The Oakley Men’s GasCan Sunglasses look like those iconic frames and lenses, and I have considered them on a number of occasions. They have the classic O-Matter frame and polarized lenses that define the Oakley brand so well.

Oakley GasCan

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Oakley’s Have Strength

The O-Matter frame, and Oakley’s in general are made to withstand a fair amount of stress. They are designed to be put through the ringer and come out the other end still intact.

GasCans Are Small Enough To Fit

While the style is classic, these glasses are pretty big, but they’re not quite like typical “oversized” sunglasses. This means you need to have a fairly large face to make them work. Most men should be fine, but those of you with smaller faces probably won’t get on with this particular style.

One of the things I like most about them is they will fit underneath a motorcycle helmet because of how they contour to the head. A friend of mine had to get a different shield for his helmet to work as sunglasses because he couldn’t see during the day, so he has to carry the regular shade in a backpack in case he’s out too late to use the sunglasses. These would be way easier!


GasCan glasses come in matte black frames with black, grey, ice, ruby or emerald polarized Iridium lenses, shiny black frames with grey lenses, or shiny white frames with black lenses. All pairs come in a 60 mm size which may be too big for most women’s faces, but should fit nicely on the majority of men.

GasCan Options

Iridium Coating

One concern with these glasses is the Iridium coating. This is designed to help keep the lenses intact but can scratch fairly easily. This makes them less attractive, and the only way to fix it is to replace the lenses. While Oakley in general makes this easy due to the interchangeable lenses, it does cost extra.

Oakley’s Requires More Thought

I’m not entirely sold on the Oakley Men’s GasCan Sunglasses, but I really like the idea of them fitting underneath a motorcycle helmet. It will make life a little more convenient because people like my friend won’t need to carry a backpack just for eye protection against the sun or bright lights.

If you’re interested in owning a pair of sunglasses that are durable, have the unmistakable Oakley look and will withstand the test of time, jog on over here and have them sent your way.

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