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Oakley Whisker Sunglasses Review

The Whisker Frames Disappear If They Turn Sideways

When I shop for sunglasses for someone a man, and that man has a small face, I tend to look for thicker frames because the lenses need to be close together. Thin frames and close-set lenses almost look like they come to a point at the nose rather than rounding like the more substantial frames do.

I have wondered however, if I could avoid that by finding a pair of thin rimmed glasses with the right lenses that are a little bit bigger. The reason for this is it occurred to me they would get the rounded look rather than a bulky frame which isn’t always that flattering.

Oakley Whisker

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Whisker Stays Together With A Wire Thin “Whisker”

The Oakley Men’s Whisker Sunglasses must be called this because the frames are so thin. They really are the next closest thing to having frameless sunglasses. The arms are tiny and the metal frames are barely apparent except at the top of the arms. They’re definitely attractive and sleek looking.

Flexibility With Style

The Whisker is designed so it’s comfortable, and they achieve this with extra padded nose guards as well as “ear socks” that make them comfortable to wear all day. They’re actually designed to be physically flexible, and they manage to move and flex without breaking or becoming irreparably bent.

Polarized Whiskers

These 60 mm glasses come in two color combinations. There’s pewter with black Iridium polarized lenses and black frames with black Iridium polarized lenses. The polarized option is supposed to make a big difference for high activity levels, and while I personally am not a fan of polarized lenses, they are a big selling point for a man.

Don’t Snap Your Whiskers

Although I like these glasses because I was trying to find something with thinner frames, I think these may be too thin for what I’m currently looking for. They can turn out to be pretty flimsy even though they’re supposed to be nothing more than flexible. I don’t want to make a big investment in something that’s likely to lose its integrity quickly. They can bend in a way that will require a professional optician to fix. While it is fixable, it’s also inconvenient, and that may not be something people have time for.

Durability Is Not Convincing For The Price

At around $150, these are not the most expensive glasses on the market, but I do feel they could be better in at least one area for the price. If you (like me) are thinking of buying someone a pair of these, it’s worth thinking about how clumsy they are with delicate items. That being said, these are great looking glasses that could work for someone who treats them well and isn’t likely to put them through the ringer.

If you know someone who will keep these sunglasses in tip top shape, you can make them the perfect gift by scooting on over to Amazon and clicking the applicable buttons.

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