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Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

An Alternative To Glasses Worn For Irony. Sorry Hipsters!

While I like the Wayfarers trend that’s made its way back into our culture after a long period away, they may be a little too young for me now. They were originally designed as sunglasses for everyone and all occasions although, they feel a little too trendy to make it to the list of expensive sunglasses that are worth purchasing. That being said however, it doesn’t mean I don’t secretly really want a pair.

Oakley Holbrook

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Not Quite Wayfarers

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses have found an approach to old school Wayfarers that refines them just enough to look a bit less like the trendy stuff that fill teeny bopper stores, and a bit more like sunglasses made for today’s adults. They are not quite as round or wide as what’s considered trendy right now, but they are still stylish and modern.

Not Always Polarized, Less Trendy, Still Good For Eyes.

All of the Holbrook options feature UV protection that’s some of the best in the industry, but they are not all polarized. If finding glasses for cutting out glare and increasing visibility beyond what regular sunglasses can provide is part of the mission, you may need these to sport the available polarized lens option.

All The Visual Range

Even with the thick frames, these sunglasses are still designed to allow a lot of peripheral activity. The glasses do an excellent job through the specialized, curved design to ensure that people who are wearing them get as much visibility as possible. The 57 mm frames can be a little bulky for some wearers, and if you have a narrow face they may stick out too far for your comfort level.

Options, Options, Options!

Holbrook is available in about 15 different styles and colors. They range from very typical to very “out there”. You can get simple shiny black frames with black lenses or go a little crazy with clear frames that sport bright purple, mirrored polycarbonate lenses. Both do a stellar job of protecting your eyes, but one does it in a louder way. Plus, there are 13 other options if you need a happy medium between run of the mill and really bright.

Oakley Holbrook Color Options

Leaving Things Out

Though they are not the most expensive sunglasses, they do run at more than $100, and the price gets higher as you get into the more bizarre styles. There are plenty of sunglasses that run higher in price than these, but that doesn’t really give Oakley an excuse for short changing customers on the extra perks that should come with expensive sunglasses. When you buy the Holbrook, you won’t get a case with them. Although, the quality overall can’t be ignored.

Change With A Snap

Also, one of the things to keep in mind with Oakley is their lenses are interchangeable. This means you can keep a few different pairs around to see what your mood is that day before snapping in lenses that are brightly colored or totally muted. It’s your call!

Style, Color, Flair, Oh My!

I like that the basic options with the ability to make them a little “kooky” if you want to. My professional side says stick with the black frames with black lenses, but I’m really being drawn to some of the crazier colors. I guess my misbegotten youth isn’t entirely out of my system yet! That being said, the price of around $120 is not a bad deal for glasses that offer flexibility in style with reliability in construction. These are definitely high on my list.

If you’re like me and you’re considering a quirky and fun pair of glasses, or you think that subdued and understated is the way to go, slide on over to Amazon and make a pair yours.

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