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Ray-Ban Erika Round Sunglasses Review

A Little Way Off From Wayfarers

Part of what I love about Wayfarers is the big, blocky frame. For some reason, they just look more substantial to me even though the lenses are probably the same size as comparable glasses. The frames remind me of a classic style, and even though they have been in and out of fashion plenty of times over the last 50 or so years, they still have the look of celebrities in days gone by.

I wanted to know a little more about what the look would be like if you took out the bulky frame and made the lenses more prominent. I knew glasses like this existed, but I wasn’t sure if I would love it or hate it, so I did a little research.

Ray-Ban Erika

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Less Frame, Less Bulk

The Ray-Ban Women’s Erika Round Sunglasses have a style similar to old school Wayfarers, but they have less in the way of frame and are made to look much daintier than the bulky alternative. These are definitely glasses for women!

Then Again, I Miss The Frame

My affinity for the thicker frames of Wayfarers may be personal, but it seems the thin plastic frames on these can be, well, too thin. They don’t feel very substantial when you’re wearing them.
They can also be hard to keep in place because they’re very (very!) light and don’t have nose guards. If you don’t have a big nose bridge, you may be unable to hold these up.

Color options With Less Frame To Show For Them

The Erika’s come in 6 different color and lens options, and they all measure in at 54 mm. The colors range from classic black with violet frames to a much more energetic baby blue with matching light blue gradient lenses.

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglass Colors

Gradients Gradually Get Too Light

My understanding is that gradient lenses are better for reading with sunglasses on as well as driving because they’re not as dark. I have a tendency to gravitate toward the darkest lenses possible because I get massive headaches due to direct sunlight, so these would definitely be an adjustment in order to stay headache free. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but it’s still a thing.

Wayfarers May Be The Way To Go

While these do capture the Wayfarer style, they make me think there is a reason why Wayfarers have remained iconic while styles like this sit on the sidelines. Wayfarers remained blocky for a reason. Lenses of this size need support, and the large nose bridge keeps the glasses on for people who don’t have as much natural support there. While these glasses are pretty, they wouldn’t be perfect for a clumsy person like me.

If those aren’t issues you’ve ever experienced, these could be the perfect sunglasses for you. Head on over to Amazon by clicking here, and you could make them yours in no time.

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