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Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses Review

Snag Some Old School Ray Ban Style

When I think back to the 90s, I’m reminded of the shows I watched where the main characters always wore super cool Wayfarer sunglasses complete with neon clothing and muscle shirts. Ray-Bans were all the rage back then, and I remember having a pair of cheap plastic ones that broke. It was basically the saddest day of my life.

Imagine my surprise when I was flipping channels some years ago and came across a young person wearing glasses nearly identical to the ones I broke all those years ago. I assumed it was a rerun of some old teen drama-dy, but it was actually a brand new teen drama-dy recycling old styles.

Ray Ban 2132 New Wayfarers

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Welcome Back Wayfarers

Wayfarers are back it seems, and Ray-Ban has brought them back in a big way. Their RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses come in just about every color and style combination you can imagine. There are options for girls, guys, young and old. This feels like a major throw back to my youth.

Worn Differently

The New Wayfarer Sunglasses come in two different sizes, 52 and 55 mm, so you can find an option for most sizes and shapes. In general, these are not exact copies of the original style as much as they are a modernized version. The original Wayfarers were large and very rounded. These are still fairly big but they have slightly tapered frames so they don’t dominate the face quite as much.

Way Polarized (Or Not)

The glasses also come in polarized and non-polarized options so you can decide which one you like better. I am not a fan of polarized sunglasses because I find them disorienting, but that’s all my husband will wear.

However, it seems the polarization doesn’t hit the mark for people who actually like it, and while it does make it slightly easier to see when it’s very bright out, it may not be enough to make it worth the upgrade.

We Have Options

The Different Ray-Ban 2132 DesignsSize is a new consideration as well. Wayfarers from my youth, and from the many generations before who sported them, were a “one size fits all” without a whole lot of negotiation. Our new age of individuality breeds many more options than we used to have. The 52mm fits some women, but most adults are more comfortable in the 55mm.

Way Smaller

New Wayfarers are not quite as substantial as older versions of the same glasses. They are made of slightly thinner plastic and the metal hinges are not as heavy duty as other similar styles.

Creaky With A Side Of Rattle

The arms on the glasses can make a noise. I didn’t realize this was something that can happen with sunglasses, but there is a lot of concern about how much noise they make when they open and close because of how much you’re paying.

They are not the highest quality hinges, and they are not as lubricated as other options. There are also some sets that don’t have the glass firmly set into the frames. It can rattle around during use and get very annoying to listen to.

Low Quality/High Quality

As far as the quality control issues are concerned, the issue may actually be that different Ray-Ban runs have different qualities. Some seem to be higher quality than others, and that means some of the people who report these problems may just be the unfortunate recipients of lower quality versions made from different materials but sold under the same name.

Options Are A Good Thing

These glasses are a throwback to my childhood but more importantly, they pay homage to some serious style throughout popular culture. JFK wore glasses that were somewhat like this. My dad has eyeglasses from the 70s that were issued by the military and have a similar look. I’m a little wary of the quality control issues considering these are not cheap glasses, but I like the selection of colors and styles they offer.

Way To Go Before Deciding

As a person with a really small, narrow face, the option of smaller glasses sounds great because my eyes are set so close together. The differences in size are enticing, but I would need more information on the quality control before dropping a chunk of change like this for a pair of sunglasses.

If you want to rock a look like JFK or Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell, you can head over to Amazon and up your style factor.

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