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Tom Ford Marko Review

Tom Ford Sunglasses The James Bond of Choice!

Ah, Aviators. Be still my beating heart!
Movies always show people who look cool and suave, rocking some beautiful Aviator frames with reflective lenses. They protect your eyes while protecting your awesome sense of style. I just love ‘em.

In my search for a pair of sunglasses, I have realized that a good pair of aviators can still stop me in my tracks. I like the way they look on me, and I LOVE the way they look on the man I married. They are classy without being stuffy, and they remind me of a man in uniform. I’m sure you know all about men and women in uniform! ANYWAY…

Tom Ford Marko Sunglasses

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Almost Aviators

The Tom Ford Marko FT0144 Sunglasses have the look of aviators with a slightly more rounded frame. The roundness helps them look good on just about any face, and the style is flexible enough to be appropriate for any occasion that get’s you out in the sun. They reach all the way out to 58 mm, and the Marko FT0144 is made to cover the face from side to side.

007 Sunglasses

Since these are Tom Ford glasses, they have been showcased in James Bond movies because Tom Ford did many of the costumes on the most recent films (Maybe that’s why I like them so much?). I love James Bond’s style, and these are guaranteed to satisfy all the requirements I have for a stellar pair of aviators. They’re actually referred to as James Bond glasses in a lot of different places, so they definitely have a little bit of notoriety for both sunglass lovers as well as Bond fanatics.

Color Options With Class

Markos come in two different colors, and they suit different faces depending on skin and hair color. They’re available in gunmetal frames with tan lenses, or chrome frames with blue lenses. Both are beautiful, but they may look different depending on skin tone.

The Face of Espionage

Despite the wider frames, they are not too wide for small faces. In fact, some people say they don’t fit correctly on very round faces because they’re too tight. Both my husband and I have close set eyes and more narrow faces, so I don’t think this is an issue we’ll run in to. I don’t think these would be the right pair of sunglasses to buy for my brother though.

Not A Polar Choice

One drawback is the lenses are not polarized so no matter how much I love them, they won’t suit my husband’s needs. As much as I’d really like to see him with a pair of these on his face, I think he will wait it out for a good polarized option.

Lightweight and all Class

The lenses on the Marko FT0144 are polycarbonate and not glass, so they don’t exactly live up to the standards set by many upscale eyeglass makers. The polycarbonate lenses do make them lighter however, so they don’t end up being too heavy to wear by combining glass lenses with metal frames.

Bond-ing With Glasses

I really wish the lenses were polarized because I totally support the idea of my husband wearing these. Since they are a bit smaller, I wouldn’t even mind trying them on. You can snag these glasses for just under $200, which is probably way less than they cost James Bond. His glasses probably come with a camera or built in hovercraft!

If you’re ready to step up your spy game, slink on over to Amazon and drop them in your cart.

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